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Love for Roswell and its characters brought fans from around the world to create stories and images that go beyond the episodes of our favorite TV show.

The front fan is going to FANATIC (later reduced to fans, in the sense of someone who is closely following, which supports and endorses something - in short, stunned like us!) = Fiction narrative (fiction on TV are the serial type Roswell, but also Carabinieri in Italy!) so the fanfiction stories are invented by fans.

For the fan art the same rule applies for fan fiction

NOTE: Some fan fiction and fan art contain spoilers (ie events or reminders that will occur in the third series still unpublished in Italy). In this case you will find next to the title the words SPOILER

Roswellino Forewarned is forearmed!

From the imagination of fans and webmistress is born this:

Episode guide

In this section you will find a complete guide to the episodes of the three seasons of Roswell. You can satisfy your curiosity by visiting the various items, in addition to the full transcript of the episode you can find images, music and mistakes. For a better understanding, I refer to the legend at the bottom.


"Roswell Italy" ® is a fan site, supported by fans and built by them. We have always been fortunate to have so many people around us who designed every little piece of this website and helped him grow.

Each with its contribution more or less that has generated, each with their own passion for this show. To us is given the task of giving a shape to everything. We hope that the result, the result of many efforts, is to your liking.

How to Insert Images

As some have written to me to know how to insert images into their own fanfiction, I decided to write a little explanation here that you will find in the Help section.

Roswellino Forewarned is forearmed!

From your account, choose "Manage images", then "load image" (the image must be present on your PC and the maximum size 200 x 200) you'll see a box where you have to enter the directory that contains the image on your hard drive. Once the image has loaded successfully returned to "manage images" and you'll find the code that will display the image, to be included in the text of fanfiction.

I hope it is clear to everyone. For any questions just ask :)

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