Roswell Wanted

This new section is dedicated to the Campaign Roswell Wanted. Roswellitalia makes himself the mouthpiece of the thought expressed by fans of the series.

The campaign was created following numerous changes in the schedule of RaiDue always see that resulted in the cancellation of Roswell last minute. Also by network managers are not given any answer to the fans (the rai does not provide even a working e-mail address). The campaign aims aim to express our outrage about the treatment that is reserved as users RAI and paying a fee. What we would like is to get a precise date and review Roswell on TV.


To keep you updated on developments visit the forum:

Involve your friends! We need all!

These are the MODE 'we intend to use to express our disagreement and try to have an answer: 1) Sending e-mail to the addresses RAI in order to get an answer, ask everything you want to know about the series and attached the image of the campaign. 2) Enter the letters in the RAI 3) Sending bottles of Tabasco in the RAI

Forum @ Fanitalia A forum for free speech not only of Roswell and other TV series, but also movies, comics, books and so much more !!

- This is the address to which your letters:

Phase in progress: - We have not received any reply by sending e-mail - Procuriamoci bottles of Tabasco and begin shipping next week (March 14)

Roswellitalia is the spokesman for the simple thought expressed by users. Roswellitalia opposes and rejects any kind of illegal practice (eg. Mail bombing)

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